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Snakes on a Plain by Felanore Snakes on a Plain :iconfelanore:Felanore 23 37
She Don't Feel The Same
All I want is the girl next door.
Yeah, she’s so sweet, but she ain’t so pure.
She’s a drop dead gorgeous beauty queen
And she don’t notice me…
I’ve got a girl trapped in my head, but she don’t have my heart.
I don’t know what she’s done to me, and don’t know where to start.
Whenever we go out at night, she laughs loud when I just smile
And though I enjoy her company, it’s only for a while
I’m under her spell, I’m in her thrall
I’m a weak-kneed, star-struck, voodoo doll
I’m whipped, I’m trapped, I’m inbetween,
I’m being torn apart, seam by seam
But she don’t know, and she don’t care
Keeps me trapped in limbo with her stare.
And in the dark of night, I feel the pain
It makes me cry her name in vain
She’s perfect for somebody else,
But I want her all the same
So is it worse she’s in my head
Or that she don’t feel the same?
The moment that we say goodby
:iconfelanore:Felanore 1 0
Howlicoun (Rage Mode) by Felanore Howlicoun (Rage Mode) :iconfelanore:Felanore 2 0 Howlicoun Colored by Felanore Howlicoun Colored :iconfelanore:Felanore 1 2 Migui by Felanore Migui :iconfelanore:Felanore 8 3
It started
I don't know when it happened, but it's been a process, I'll tell you that.
I think it might've started when I got 'engaged' when I was 13. Or maybe it started when I broke it off because I didn't know what love really meant, because I thought I loved two people at the same time. Or maybe it was when I realized that love isn't always what you read about, or hear about, or watch on TV. Or maybe it was when I realized that if it is, I'd never really felt it before. Maybe it was when I saw the photo of me, edited to remove a characteristic people thought I wanted to be without, but which I'd come to accept as part of me.
Maybe it was the first time a girl cheated on me. Maybe it was the first time I cheated on a girl. Maybe it was when my dog died, and no one bothered to tell me about it until I came home one day to find him gone. Maybe it was when my parents decided that, since I was raised and on my own, they could split and sell my childhood home. Maybe it was when I first argued about
:iconfelanore:Felanore 0 0
The Captain's Tale (Part 2)
The final battle would be the debut of the newest warships to enter the UF fleet, a triad of star destroyers that had been developed after countless years of research based on what little access the scientists had to 'Ranth. Without bodies to channel and redistribute the zeon needed, they'd been forced to find a new method of finding power for the massive ships. Of course, they didn't look very far, depending on who you ask.
After nearly a dozen years unsuccessfully testing various methods, many researchers were ready to throw in the towel. There was simply no way to power the massive ships without some kind of conduit for the zeonic energy, and no one not raised in the nexus containers could last for more than an hour inside of one. There was power there to be tapped, power that 'Ranth's revelations had revealed to them, but with the Council's sanctions against using the Draconic methods, it seemed that strength was forever out of reach.
It is interesting to note then that it wasn't s
:iconfelanore:Felanore 0 0
The Captain's Tale (Part 1)
If there is a story worth telling, it is the story of General Avalon.
Born to a family no different than any other, and raised in the outskirts of the Terran system somewhere near Pluto, Avalon had every opportunity afforded to the middle class in those days. Clean food, fresh air, a home to call his own. His father worked in one of the Helium-3 factories on Jupiter that were so plentiful in that day and age, and his mother worked as a schoolteacher on the Plutian colony. It was a simple life, and perhaps if Avalon were any other boy he would have grown up to be like one of his parents, or even more like one of his peers, but it was never meant to be.
His childhood was littered with incidents, small episodes here and there where Avalon would, for the span of a week, come home from school with bruises or a bleeding lip. When questioned he offered answers that surprised his parents at first, answers about justice and defending the weak from those who would prey on them. The more often it
:iconfelanore:Felanore 0 0
Where No One Knows Me
Sometimes I wanna be where no one knows me
Inside a brand new place with nothing old
Sometimes I wanna be where no one sees me
And yet still somewhere I can see the fold
It's never quite as simple as they tell you
It's always just another step away
And yet I keep on walking with a purpose
Just trying to find a better place someday
I think that all the stories that I'm writing
Are the ones that shouldn't see the light of day
When it comes right down to it, I guess I'm fighting
For the chance to read what I can never say
What light through yonder window breaks this silence
And interrupts the night that I prefer
What other name could we just call this rose by
So it wouldn't be reminding me of her
Some things are better left to chance and folly
But I'm not one to let myself be free
Because when you're around I'll never be me
I'm just the me that I want you to see
I sometimes sing a tune that is so simple
That it acts as my unending lullaby
Sometimes I wish that dreams were neverending
So I
:iconfelanore:Felanore 2 2
Too Strong
Have you ever had a day
where it all went wrong?
Where the lies and the hate
and the great debate
that we call our lives just felt
Too Strong?
Too strong to fight in the night
when the tears fall down,
when you sit and you sigh
and you just might drown
if the weight isn't lifted by someone
and it's just
Too Strong.
The current will catch you.
When there are no hands left
it will be there
to hold, to caress,
to keep you guessing
about which way is up or down
and you are weak but it is
Too. Strong.
Maybe that's how it's meant to be
Maybe if all you can see
is the tune out of key
and the missed beat
and the cold, wet seat
at the bottom of the bottle...
Too strong...
Too strong for me.
Can't you see?
What if I don't bleed
red and black and everywhere
like everyone else?
What if I bleed silver
or purple
and nothing rhymes with my blood
and nothing chimes with my blood
and nothing writes like my blood
as it falls up
into that current that's
too strong?
What if the day and the night
:iconfelanore:Felanore 1 2
The Doorways of The Year by Felanore The Doorways of The Year :iconfelanore:Felanore 3 9
Chapter 8: What We Forget
In the week leading up to our arrival in Paris we all got a little nervous. Elle began to twirl her hair around one of her fingers. Tasku started to drag his feet a bit. Hannah moved a little more stiffly, and I, well, I couldn't help but look straight ahead, a knot in my stomach and thoughts racing through my head, expecting at any moment to see the Eiffel Tower rise out of the horizon.
Zelanth had been true to his word, training me in how to use and manipulate energy more precisely whenever we had a safe space in which to do so. I learned more about control and just how much power I had in those few weeks than I did in the months searching for a way on my own.
That's not to say it was easy. Zelanth often told me to do things he assumed I would simply understand how to do, most of which he offered no better explanation for. Focus on the epicenter of your soul was one that still gave me trouble. I didn't exactly know where my soul was located in my body, even though I knew Zelanth's wa
:iconfelanore:Felanore 1 2
Chapter 7: Interlude
There is a story that I heard when I was a young boy, and it goes something like this. Once upon a time there was a beautiful young woman with long golden hair. She was the only trueborn daughter of the king and queen, and her beauty captivated men from every country. Suitors came from far and wide to ask for her hand in marriage, but her father stubbornly refused to marry her to any but the best in the land. "You are far from the bravest," he would tell some. "You are hardly the most honest," he would tell others. "Your intentions aren't pure enough," he would tell them all.
Eventually, the shunned men came together and stood before the king. "You look for a man that does not exist," they said to him. "You must marry your daughter to one of us or there will be war." These men were princes and mighty knights, some with armies that far outmatched his own, and he knew that he could hardly stand against a few of them, let alone the many together. So, he took himself to the old witch in th
:iconfelanore:Felanore 1 0
Chapter 6: Just One Wish
Philadelphia is known to some as the City of Brotherly Love. This, I learned, comes from the original Greek translation of the city's name. I called it the City of Too Many Places to Hide. "I swear when we catch this marid I'm going to hang him by his ears!" I shouted as we all ran along the streets towards Fairland Park, shoving people out of our way as we went. In a big city, no one really cares why you're running, shoving, or shouting, they only care that you've knocked them over, spilled their coffee, or a combination of the two. Consequently, a lot of people cared about us running around like this, just not for the reasons someone would have where I grew up.
We'd been chasing Alex, the marid that Lily had directed us towards, for the better part of an hour now, trying to best him in a competition he'd devised to prove our worth. The only requirement was that we won, but of course in a crowded city during the middle of the day I couldn't exactly use my powers to outrun him, and the
:iconfelanore:Felanore 1 2
Chapter 5: Cruisin
There's more to a cruise ship than drinks and relaxation, big meals and more money than I'd ever seen in my life at one time, but I really don't know what it is. I know there was certainly more to our cruise, but there were unique circumstances that brought all of that about. On the way to the cruise we avoided France, mostly because I didn't want to go back there until I knew what I'd be going back to, and departed from England on the only cruise that would take us to America. We could've easily all been on board and departed halfway through the cruise if we wanted when it stopped in New York at day 10, but Elle had booked us all suites at 12 grand a pop. I didn't want to draw attention to us, but Elle had grown tired of traveling the world on foot and incognito when we had credit cards without upper spending limits on them.
"Besides," she said. "If we're going to be on a cruise ship, we may as well have the best the ship has to offer. And people who book these suites aren't bothered
:iconfelanore:Felanore 0 0
Chapter 4: The Unexpected City
"So, do genies exist?" I asked Elle and Hannah a few days later as we were visiting the giant cathedral that Barcelona is famous for.
Elle blinked a few times. "I believe so, though I've never met one."
"It is pronounced jinn in the original Arabic," Hannah said without a blink. "They exist in many different forms. The marid are the ones you refer to, able to grant wishes to humans brave enough or cunning enough to master them."
"The marid?" I said, having never even come close to the term in my life before. "So, there's more than one type of genie?"
"Jinn," she corrected again, though not with the normal air of exasperation that people corrected with. Hannah was simply stating facts as we walked along, admiring the brilliance of the cathedral. "Jinni is the singular. There are a few known types of jinn in the world, including the efreet, the marid, ghouls, angels, and what they call shaytan but in English would be called devils."
"Devils and angels are both jinn?" The thought seemed c
:iconfelanore:Felanore 0 0

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A Tribute to Robin Williams

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By techgnotic
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LIT me explain u a thing Jan - June 2014
LIT me explain u a thing...about literature news
There is a lot of it.
Well hello 2014, my don't you look nice and new and fresh and just started. What do you mean 2014 is half over?! WHAT. WHEN. WELL, EXCUSE ME.
If you have not realized by now I'm a little crazy about news. I mean really, who gathers news spanning half a year and compiles it in one handy article? Me, that's who. Why? Because I love news, especially Lit news, and you. You beautiful, glorious creature; with that beating heart and ugh, your facial region just ugh, gorgeous. Oh right, I should stay on topic. [But you! How can I leave youuuu?!]
Anyways, this is the first part of the article series "LIT me explain u a thing" chronicling some of the things dA's Lit Community was up to in 2014!
Tell me when you're prepared, I'll hold your hand and we'll get through this article together.

Also, please :+fav: this to spread it along because my sanity depends on it. No, really.
:iconhugqueen:HugQueen 46 156
Encounter With Lagiacrus by rithgroove Encounter With Lagiacrus :iconrithgroove:rithgroove 65 10 EVA Portrait by SnowCorridor EVA Portrait :iconsnowcorridor:SnowCorridor 54 19 Psycho paint by sakuyasworld Psycho paint :iconsakuyasworld:sakuyasworld 47 9 Crimson Hair, Black Blood by SnowCorridor Crimson Hair, Black Blood :iconsnowcorridor:SnowCorridor 126 32 The Raths by FonteArt The Raths :iconfonteart:FonteArt 48 12 X-men: King of Cards by nururuateka X-men: King of Cards :iconnururuateka:nururuateka 127 9
Amazing Artists and their Awesome Art


So, normally this is the part where I make some snappy one-liner and then favorite the image. However, I felt like doing a Critique tod...

First off, I just want to say how brilliant I think the multi-colored shadows are. They are a truly wonderful little additional to this...

by Nehis

Well, I'd been wandering through your gallery looking for things to favorite before I started watching you, because that's the kind of ...

NaNoWriMo begins tomorrow. Run Away :omgomg: :excited: Ultra Excitement 

And, along with the usual challenge, I'm also going to push myself to submit some manuscripts to get published as well. Because, you know, I haven't been entirely dead for the last 7 months... just lurking with a vengeance. ;)

Hope everyone else is doing well too. See you on the other side.

-J Wiggle
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There are some who call me Tim. These people are usually overcorrecting the pronunciation of my name in the hopes that it's spelled wrong on the form. It's not though; my name really is Tyr.

I'm a writer. I like to write. I also draw comics (infrequently), play video games (too much), and write very long comments on amazing art (which I'm backlogged on).

I'm a polyglot. My native language is Sarcasm, but I also fluently speak English and Canadian English, and semi-fluently speak Spanish. I know about 15 words in Swedish. If I say anything in Japanese, it's probably going to come out wrong. Despite, or perhaps because of, the irony, I do not speak a word of Icelandic.

I'm also long-winded, so I'm gonna cut myself short here.

If you like my work, please comment. If you like commenting randomly, please comment. If you want a llama, please comment. I enjoy reading comments, and it's nice to know where my pageviews are coming from. I also like giving llamas, but I don't like giving them out just because I got one from someone else. I'm weird that way.


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